NRC Anniversary Sale
11 & 12 december 2023
Lange Leidsedwarsstraat 198-200, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

NRC Anniversary Sale: Strong results!

The 20th edition of NRC Veilingen was a great success. It was the festive kick-off for NRC Jewellery, Bags & Wine and NRC Art saw strong results for both the Rinsema Collection and artworks by Dutch and international artists.

The first edition of NRC Jewellery, Bags & Wine attracted a lot of attention. Good results were achieved, including those for the Pomellato 'Veleno' earrings (€1.815), a 1999 Hermès Kelly 35 (€8.426) and three bottles of 1973 Château Pétrus Pomerol (€3.630).

An important part of NRC Art was the first part of the Rinsema Collection. There was a lot of interest during the viewing days, resulting in some strong prices. For example for the works by Thijs Rinsema himself, such as the dynamic gouache Football players from c. 1925 (€20.740) and the wooden sculpture of a football player from the same year (€6.965), as well as the postcards written by Kurt Schwitters to Thijs and Evert Rinsema (€2.334, €1,945 and €1.232). Several other works in the collection were highly in demand, for example Wim Oepts' painting of a terrace in Provence from 1953 (€19.443) and a nude executed on paper by Jan Sluijters from 1910 (€14.259). The most impressive result within the collection was the sale of the frequently exhibited Window cleaner (1927) by Johan van Hell which sold for  €88.634. The second part of the Rinsema collection will be offered in spring 2024. 

The auction's top result was achieved for Jan Toorop's rediscovered View of Veere (1910). For this work the hammer came down at €152,482. Other noteworthy sales included Fête rouge by Bram Bogart from 1957 (€30.389), a large painting by Frieda Hunziker (€11.018), Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman's edition Paul Robeson sings (€5.185), The Wild ditch by Jannes de Vries (€20.740), small paintings by Armando (€4.408) and JCJ Vanderheyden (€5.572), an intriguing self-portrait by Philip Akkerman (€5.445), an early still life by Henk Helmantel (€15.555) and the iconic photograph Napkin by Hendrik Kerstens (€4.408). 

Once again, the international market proved strong for foreign artists.The large cityscape Manhattan South View from 1989 by Rainer Fetting sold for €43.051, Milan Kunc's paintings changed hands for €9.722 and €7.130 and the intimate view of a snow-covered bridge in Chartres from c. 1903 by Henri Le Sidaner achieved a result of €19.443. 

We look forward to our next sale in spring 2024.

Team Adams