NRC Auctions #13
22-23 June 2020
Herengracht 458, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

NRC #13 -

Art from Aboriginal to ZERO

An auction with some very exceptional works

The catalogue of the 13th edition of NRC Veilingen is now online. One of the works offered is as a keywork in the oeuvre of Louise Bourgeois. An ordinary sheet of grid paper is covered in red ink with the sentence 'Je t'aime' as an imposition of 300 lines. This passionate drawing shows the core themes of Bourgeois' art: dealing with childhood trauma, fear and pain, and trying to fulfil the need for love and belonging. Other remarkable pieces are a watercolour diptych opposing Good Luck & Bad Luck by Marlene Dumas as well as an early masterpiece by Joop Moesman. Also noteworthy are several colourful works by Walasse Ting, three Van Fastenhout’s in pristine condition, a 17th century painting with scenes of David and Goliath, two of the earliest works by Carel Willink and an iconic Salvador Dalí piano.

Lot 152: Jannes de Vries. € 7.000 - 9.000. Realised: € 18.000

And more:
- Vibrant landscapes by Gerrit Benner
- A small collection of intriguing works by Jeroen Henneman
- The Great Wall of China seen from space by Marina Abramović
- Betondorp painted by Louis Schrikkel
- Charlotte van Pallandt’s robust Wilhelmina
- Dutch photography by artists such as Désirée Dolron, Cor Jaring, Erwin Olaf, Dirk de Herder, Carla van de Puttelaar and Koen Wessing
- Indonesia, works by Theo Meier and Jan Dickhoff
- The Ploeg, well represented again by Altink, Benner and De Vries
- A drawing made at a dinner table by Marino Marini
and hundreds of other works submitted by NRC readers, by such artists as Jaap Wagemaker, Kees Verwey, Armando, Escher, Zao Wou-Ki, Charlotte Mutsaers, Philip Sadée, Marc Mulders, Jan Voerman, Henk Helmantel, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Tetar van Elven and Nicolaas van der Waay.

Lot 175: Gerrit Benner. € 20.000 - 30.000. Realised: € 36.000