NRC Auctions #17
NRC Handelsblad
30-31 May 2022
Herengracht 458, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Old Masters to Modern Art
Post-War & Contemporary Art

NRC #17

From happy marriage portraits to the Fear of Babies

The 17th edition of NRC Auctions: new discoveries and iconic artworks

Lot 278: Julien Opie, Luc and Ludivine get married 1, 2007.

The new edition of NRC Auctions is now online, offering a wide variety of exciting works of art. These include a folder of intriguing children's portraits by Marlene Dumas, a typical work by the versatile American artist Jimmie Durham and a set of wedding portraits by Julian Opie. In addition, the iconic lithograph Blue and Yellow and Red-Orange by Ellsworth Kelly is a must-see, the wall sculpture by the Dutch artist Bob Bonies is not to be missed, and the colourful shell by Erik Andriesse - which he painted on the occasion of his stay on Bonaire - is a striking example of the works he made in the late 1980's. New on the market is the hitherto unknown early lithograph by Jan Schoonhoven, which escaped the master's urge for destruction after a turning point in his artistic development. An exceptionally well-balanced sculpture from 1968 by herman de vries, who always writes his name in lower-case letters as a protest against hierarchy, is on offer alongside a collection of his famous earth rubbings. Several works by Corneille, who would have celebrated his 100th birthday this year, are part of the auction, including a famous drawing from 1948 and an abstract painting from 1958-1959. His CoBrA colleagues, such as Karel Appel, Christian Dotremont and Constant, are also represented. A unique glass tableau by Serge Poliakoff, executed in the Netherlands which occupies a special place in his oeuvre is also for sale in the current auction. Andreas Schelfhout's monumental View of Haarlem will stimulate every nature lover, while Otto van Rees' loving and art-historically very interesting portrait of his wife Adya offers an intimate insight into their domestic life.

Lot 226: Marlene Dumas, Fear of babies, 1986.

Other highlights:
Arnulf Rainer - Joep van Lieshout - Pat Andrea - Jan Beutener - Bram Bogart - Walasse Ting - Eugene Brands - Armando - Lucebert - Willy Broers - Gerrit Benner - Pieter Pander - Johan Ponsioen - Toon van de Muysenberg - Harmen Meurs - Dirk Filarski - Jan Wiegers - Kees Verwey - Käthe Kollwitz - Hendrik Nicolaas Werkman - Jan Toorop - Henriëtte Ronner-Knip - Ary Scheffer - Christiaan van Pol - Desirée Dolron - Ruud van Empel - Erwin Olaf - Helmut Newton - Paul Blanca

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Auction and Viewing

Old Masters to Modern Art closes on Monday 30 May starting from 18:00
Post-war & Contemporary Art closes Tuesday 31 May starting from 18:00

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